Why Work For Us?

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What types of positions are being offered?

We have many different departments that hire throughout the year, including our administrative, sales, marketing, public relations, installation, customer service, and events departments. Even if you don't see a specific job title or department listed that you are interested in interviewing for, please don't hesitate to schedule an interview with one of our Human Resources Managers in your regional office. It would definitely be worth your time to interview with our company whether or not the specific job opening looks like something you would be qualified for because based upon your qualifications, we have actually created positions for certain individuals that had unique qualifications or that we felt would benefit the company. We have also had candidates who maybe felt like they were not qualified for certain positions when in fact they were.

How long does the interview process usually last?

A typical first interview will last between a half hour to an hour based upon the wait time. Sometimes when we have a full interview schedule and many qualified candidates, we can get a little backed up and so we advise interview candidates to expect a two hour time frame in total. After the first interview, if being considered for a position, you may be called in for a second interview, which typically runs shorter depending on how many questions you pose to the HR manager.

If I am hired, how soon would I start?

It really depends upon the position but most times your start date is anywhere from one day after your interview to up to two weeks after your interview.

What kind of experience or education is required to obtain a position through HSL?

Our entry-level positions do not require any experience or higher education level. We offer a paid corporate training program that was set up by industry professionals and offer management support throughout your employment to help you succeed. While being hired directly into management may require some relative experience, we would be willing to place someone with little to no experience into a management training program if we feel that the individual's drive and initiative will help them quickly learn the steps to becoming a successful manager.

What kind of salary and benefits packages are offered?

We offer very competitive salaries and it depends upon the position. Many positions offer great earnings opportunities and we will negotiate wages based upon your qualifications and experience. A benefits package is offered with available health insurance, life insurance, paid vacations, and paid holidays.

Are there advancement opportunities?

Yes! The company has expanded and increased its business each year since the company was organized. The large expansion in the last few years has allowed us to open more regional offices as well as have employees in remote locations that do not necessarily report to a specific office. With this expansion, more middle-management is necessary and we have been able to promote many people from entry-level positions into middle-management. If you show great initiative, perform to above-average standards, and show that you are a team-player, quick advancement opportunities are available.

What is the required dress code?

Specific dress codes for each department will be discussed in the interview, however many of our positions require business casual appearance.